E. Vargas (he/him) is a self-taught visual/CG/FX artist from Brazil. Since I was a kid, I had interests in computer graphics and visual effects, but life took me to a different path and I end up studying Engineering. Therefore, during the years I worked exclusively in office corporations, my artistic side was limited to imagination and ideas only.

In an attempt to change this in 2015, I bought Poser 10 and ZBrush 4R7 licenses, I wanted to learn to create digital art but I knew nothing about it at all, with no formal education and no clue where to start.

Learning these things proven to be harder than I thought, and I remember one day thinking that in a lifetime I could not learn it. Not too much time for it and work was too much stress so I believe that makes things even harder too.

Things took another turn in August 2021, when I was having some free time in between jobs; I decided to try again. The softwares stood unused for years but I was fortunate enough to upgrade ZBrush in time to keep my perpetual, so I saved some cash on that. I read about Bondware having acquired Poser, the new Poser 12 version and that got me interested.

My special thanks to the Renderosity team and everyone who likes and supports my creations.

Have fun!

Art exists so that reality does not destroy us - Friedrich Nietzsche