E. Vargas (he/him) is a self-taught visual/CG/FX artist. Since he was a child he showed interest in computer graphics and visual effects, but the paths of life led him to start a traditional career in Engineering.

Seeking to revive old dreams, in 2015 he tried to start his apprenticeship in digital art. The challenge proved to be more difficult than he thought, to the point where it actually seemed impossible. It was difficult to reconcile the daily work at the office with learning, and this moment was marked by a long break.

A few years later, in August 2021, taking advantage of some free time between jobs, he took a deep breath and decided to try again.

Thus begins the period of production of his works in digital media, making use of various techniques and tools, from the traditional DSLR camera for capturing images and use in photogrammetry to advanced software for creating complex visual effects.


Art exists so that reality does not destroy us. - Friedrich Nietzsche