I am a self-taught visual artist from Brazil. When I was a kid I used to play a lot with Lego bricks, now after decades spent in the corporate world I'm back this time playing with pixels!

In 2015, I bought Poser 10 and ZBrush 4R7 licenses, knowing nothing about 3D workflows.
With Poser my idea was to fill the gap I have when dealing with human figures, I would use the existing ones.

Learning the 3D related things proven to be harder than I thought, and I remember one day thinking that in a lifetime I couldn't learn it.

Some years of frustration and giving up passed, until I decided to give it another try. On August 2021 I started a trial of Poser, and ended up buying it after just one day, I decided to revive my 3D wannabe dreams once more.

I'm very happy to see that I had some success with this new attempt of mine, as I've tried several times to abandon art but art haunts me! (I hope I can evolve at least!!)

  • Artwork participant in Poser Pulse Showcase for April 2022;
  • Renderosity vendor since August 2021.